Starting Over

GAH. So my laptop decided to have a little hissy bitch fight and go all crazy virus infected on me (mad monkeys, rapey soldiers and eye gouging aside), which led to a full scale system restore, which, as you should know, led to a full, massive, huge, gigantic purge of every file I’ve ever had. LUCKILY for me, I had Blood Shard (and what I’ve been working on with emmych’s project, Origin) and a fair bit of RMVX stuff backed up already, which is good. Don’t think I could bring myself to restart Blood Shard. Like, seriously. I need to get RMVX itself back again first anyway.

Another good thing is that my music was backed up not too long ago either, but I think I’mma sift through what I want and what I don’t want, and have a lookey for an iPod – PC transfer program. I made a shit ton of playlists lately and I’ll be pretty annoyed if they’re all gone.  So yeah, not a lot of stuff is actually gone, I still got the majority of my Blood Shard resources, pretty much all of my music…all my programs are gone though, but I’m pretty sure you know what a system restore is, so there’s no need to go into that.

What I’m the most upset about actually is the fact that I’ve lost all my pictures. Stupidly, I backed up almost EVERYTHING else a few weeks ago bar them. Which is just gutting, man. I mean, a lot of them are on Facebook, and some of the older ones might still be hanging around on MySpace, but there were some on there that’re literally years old that haven’t seen the light of any social network sites. And they’ve survived virus upon virus, and laptop transfers and everything. And now they’re all gone. It’s just quite upsetting really, because I know they’re all only pictures or whatnot, but they mean something, know what I mean? Meh. Should’ve backed them up with everything else.

So, I’m gonna go on a hunt through MySpace later I reckon and find my old pictures (and probably reclaim a lot I’ve lost through hard drive wipes and the like. Might be a wee trip down memory lane actually.). Though, if anything, the whole losing pictures thing has actually put me in a weird ‘wanting to do something’ mindset. And when I say ‘wanting to do something’ I only really mean going out a lot and taking a lot of pictures.

It kinda struck me that (although there are lots and they’re awesome as they are) there weren’t tons of occasions since I’ve moved to Stirling when I’ve had my camera around, and because of that it feels like I haven’t ‘captured’ those memories, to speak frankly and all cheesy and all Kodak. But, obviously they’re still there, but there’re only the odd flat nights in that are really documented and it makes me confused as to how it happens – years ago it’d be a camera shoot every weekend. GRANTED, years ago I wasn’t pumping myself full of beer and alcohol and sin, but you get my drift. Summer’s gonna be a crazy photo taking, memory making time. And that’s pretty weird coming from me, considering I don’t really like Summer all that much. Turned over a new leaf, yo.

But if all goes to plan (which I hope it does), me and the Higginmaster’ll livin’ it up over and beyond Summer, which’ll probably mean the season’ll turn into a session of booze and pizza and Final Fantasy. Oh my. That sounds like a lot of fun, actually. I’ll take pictures!

On the uni side of things, classes are pretty much finished, got my last three essays to do (should probably think about starting them soon) and then I’m dooooone. Which’ll be awesome. This semester (class wise, anyway) seems to have dragged on a little (I have been a lazy little slob though, so that’s probably why) so I’m LOOKING FORWARD TO SUMMER. AND I DON’T GET WHY. I HATE SUMMER. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

But, the campus shop is now selling VANILLA COKE~! Things are looking up already.

This has been a weird one, hasn’t it?

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Blood Shard: Characters and Songs!

Sooo, in response to there not being many posts as of late, and ’cause I can’t for the life of me figure out a lengthy topic to write about that isn’t me moaning about music, or essays, or the overratedness that is the sun, I thought I’d do a post that a fraction of people who read my blog would probably enjoy. Sorry’s about that. There’re nice pictures and music and everything though, if that appeals to you!

Anyways, so Blood Shard’s kinda hit a standstill as of late, but not for a bad reason. I made the decision (that’s pushed the demo back a little more, sorry guys~!) to have Blood Shard completely separated from the RTP of RMVX. For those of you who don’t know, the RTP is this strange, uncharted and evil land of all of RMVX, containing all the default resources that come with the program itself. Honestly, I really don’t see the issues with it, but what the hell. I got some lovely facelifts for every single character, and the art style of them is rather unique as well. So on that note, here’s a partial cast shot of Blood Shard. I say partial ’cause there’re maybeh, three (?) people missing.

I present...Team AWESOME.

Sorry, had to shrink it a little for it not to stretch out the whole page. Soo, if you’re looking for the main character, he’s that strapping man in the brown coat near the middle, between the guy with the white shirt and the girl with the red hair. I’d upload the full picture of each of them, but they’re pretty big and I’d rather not have so much quality loss with shrinking them down. If any of you remember way back when, I done a post detailing Drake Darlington – if you take a look at the green haired guy I used to use then look at this guy then I’ll hope you see the difference. The awesomeness is just far more captured with him, don’t you think?! Also, next to him in the white is Felix, Drake’s best friend and the other playable character in the demo. He’s unbelievably perfect looking, considering his RTP counterpart wore a multicoloured Pope hat. There are three other characters you’ll be meeting in the demo – namely Tsalnar, the drunken ranger. He’s the guy in green next to the girl in blue, and behind the sexy ass dwarf. Along with that is Miranda, the girl with the sword and dressed up in red, and the other is VALPAMAETH (call him Valpy), who you’ll see popping up here and there. He’s the sinister Jareth lookalike towards the right. I asked emmych (the person who drew all these) to draw me a bad guy that was something of a combination between Jareth, Seymour, Kuja and Kefa. I do very much so believe she delivered! I’m so happy that I’ve moved away from the RTP though, the characters look freakin’ awesome now. Honestly can’t wait to get a demo out to show you them all! Speaking of emmych, you should all go check out her deviantart and her actual project on the RMVX forums, Origin. Looks set to be pretty awesome as well, so go give it some attention! She’s been an awesome help by making these characters, and there’re still a couple to come as well. Give her project some love! While you’re on the forum you may as well check out my project too. Why not, eh? You might need to be a member to view those threads, I have no idea.

So, in light of me un-RTPing my project, I thought I’d take an even further jump (and challenge, gah) and make my own music for the game. This is probably the hardest thing to do ever, and if anyone in high school ever heard my compositions they might’ve just spilt whatever they were drinking all over the screens and themselves in horror of this idea. However, I think I’ve come a bit further since then (I hope), and’ve managed to make my own few songs. The first that I finished was the battle theme, and that was more than definitely the most difficult. Trying to get a decent melody was so time consuming, and trying to get a final, non MIDI-esque sounding mix was even worse. But I think it turned out quite well, so I thought I’d share it here. I’m sorry for external site-ing you, but I couldn’t get the audio uploader to work. Quality isn’t is good as it is in game (lame MP3 exporter, gah) but it still sounds good regardless. There’s a player so you won’t need to download (pretty small download size anyway) but here is the link. I hope you enjoy it, it took me a ton of time to write it anyways. Just gotta do a boss theme now! Another song I wrote that I really liked was Valpy’s theme, which is quite possibly the most evil song I’ve ever heard. Immortal Sonata be its name. Give that one a go too, and lemme hear some opinions!

So yeah, that’s where Blood Shard is right now, just getting everything customed up. I really am looking forward to getting a demo out, so stay tuned. And I’ll probably have something that isn’t RMVX related to moan/ramble on about soon if that bored you all to tears!

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I’ll Be Back

Yep. There’s been a mahoosive gap between posts (again, gah), but I’ll more than likely do something tonight, if not this week. Anyways, I updated the layout (again) and made a header. Whoop!

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Jurassic Mark & Music Confusion

Jurassic Mark – that’s gonna be the domain name of this here site when I get my pennies in soon. To be honest, snowflakesandsemiqauvers is something I kinda just settled on – it was a lot better than Mark VS The World (kudos to the loyalists who remember that) but then again it was all I could really think of. So I’ve been racking my brain recently to come up with something, and that’s what I got. And I do like it. If there’re any other suggestions then give me a shout. Those from that may be reading, my name is Mark. Let that be your guide.

So what’s been happening, what’s been happening. Well (I forget if I mentioned this previously) I’m back in Stirling now, and awaiting classes to begin (which is next week, thank God). Got the books for my all-English semester, and there are some decent looking ones there as well, so that’s a plus. Actually, I reckon this semester onwards will be a lot more in depth and probably more difficult than the others have been, which is good really, ’cause it’s been a bit of a pushover being totally honest. So I look forward to this semester and what’s to come.

Another thing I’ve been contemplating is probably joining some kind of club/society thing, just to fill up time when I’m not studying or anything. I didn’t really see anything on face value that appealed to me the first time round, but then I didn’t really look all that much. To be honest, this is really part of larger plan, namely the ‘New Years Resolution Of Not Sitting On My Arse All Semester’. Hopefully by May I’ll have had a lot more stuff done that I would have had in previous semesters. I’mma lose weight and make new friends. Oh yeah.

Also, I had a thought hit me on the drive from Stirling today, namely about music, which was gonna be the original topic of this post. The radio was on (don’t recall which station, they all sound alike), and I kinda realised how gutted I was to be brought up in this musical generation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on ‘today’s music’, because that would be snobby and beside the point – what I’m saying is, it’s quite upsetting that when I ask what music say, my Dad grew up with, he’d give me a much better answer to what I’ll one day give to my children – “Well kids, when I was young, we had Justin Bieber and an armada of Clubland CDs”. Even when I say that, it sounds like I’m being a music snob but Im not. The music industry is such an annoyingly contradictory thing to hate. I’ll grow up wishing bands like iLiKETRAiNS and Esben & The Witch got the mainstream spotlight that they deserve – but then people like me will end up making this exact same point after I’m gone if they did. Bah. This is a confusing thing to argue about without sounding like a music snob. Whatevs, I wish I grew up with The Beatles, Kinks and David Bowie. That I’d like to tell the ‘kiddos’.

I mean, technically I am growing up with those bands because I listen to them. GAH. I dunno how to put it. It’s confusing. Maybe you’ll read this and think ‘ah yes, that makes sense’. Or maybe you’ll think ‘YOU COMPLETE MUSIC SNOB KNOBHEAD’. And I’m not being a music snob. For the zillionth time. Pinky promise.

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The Chillancholysaurus?!

I’m actually beginning to think that I’m some sort of cold loving sadness monster. If that were a real animal I’d probably call it a Chillancholysaurus. Yeah, that’s probably what I’m gonna call myself from now on. There is a point to this, should probably have mentioned it later on though. Structure FTW and all that.

Anyways, I’m back in Scotland (yet I bet the majority didn’t even know I was away, I did like, tell no one, for some reason), after a week down in WAZZA (that nickname still doesn’t work for me whatsoever). Twas fun, pretty much done what I thought I’d do and spend all my money, moan about spending all my money, say I’d write a few blog posts – I also went roller skating. NOW, if any you know me, and I’m thinking people that have seen me ‘ice skate’ – I can see your faces. I can see you all staring in disbelief. But, you’ll all be pleased, and somewhat shocked to know that I didn’t fall over once. Not only that, but I didn’t spend the entire time clinging on to the edge like some hesitant lemming either. I actually went for it a few times. It’d be good if there was a picture of me to show how retarded I looked in the process of it. Actually, here’s a good ‘un. That’s probably the best way to describe it, actually. I wouldn’t exactly call it elegant. But, I’m quite amazed with myself that I didn’t manage to fall, because ice skating usually turns into some ice covered death trap for me. So kudos to Mark, I suppose. Actually, I’ll probably need to take that kudos back, because there were some roller skating accidents, namely tripping up a small ginger girl and sending her flying, and kneeing a small boy in the face. I think I made them both cry as well. I’m hoping I can just put it down to the learning experience. If the parents of those two children wish to sue and are reading this, send a carrier pigeon to ‘Albert von Mandarin’. My lawyers will deal with it swiftly. What? I don’t think I should take long breaks from writing. Anything that follows generally tends to be something of a mess that I assume is somewhat difficult to follow. But yeah, WAZZA was fun again. I ended up buying a 1.5TB external HD, so the following few weeks before uni starts again should be a download frenzy. I’ll need something to do when I go to uni, won’t I? Exams? Pah! Essays? Pah! Why have them when you have all seasons of 24?

I’m actually kinda just wanting university to start again actually. As much as I love the long holidays, I kinda start getting bored towards the end of them. Which is why a job hunt will be commencing at some point this week. At least then I’ll have something to fill up the May – September abyss of doing nothing. I dunno what it is though, last semester was kinda iffy in terms of me actually doing much uni-related things, but I kinda like having some sort of structure anyway. The holidays usually tend to be me lying in my bed for a while and not doing much, which is good in the first week or so, but I need to start doing stuff again, in all honesty. Mark McKeich likes structure. Who knew.

I suppose I should explain the whole Chillancholysaurus thing as well, before any RMVX rambling begins. I’m quite upset that Winter is coming to an end. All the snow’s thawed in Scotland now, and next semester is described as the ‘Spring Semester’. And I fucking hate Spring. Spring is such a boring season, the only decent part of it is Easter, and even then,  that’s not half as much fun as it was when you were ten. Give me cold and winter any day. Not only is Spring god-awful boring, but it’s so chirpy and nice. At least in Winter you have an excuse to walk about listening to a playlist of melancholy songs and bands called names like Khoma. It’s-so-boring-and-happy. I’m such a grumpy bugger, aren’t I? I wish we got thirty days of night here. Without the vampires and shit sequels, anyway.

On an RMVX note, I haven’t moved forward much on Blood Shard over the holiday, namely because I changed message systems. What this means is that now, rather than the character’s dialogue appearing at the bottom of the screen in a box, it now appears above them in a speech bubble. What this also means is that I have to go through every single cutscene in the entire game and change every message and pieces of dialogue. Which is the most tedious job in the world. After this is done (got about five more cutscenes to do), I’ve a little prologue to do which’ll detail the backstory of one of our villains, Cyril, some general balancing and some skill related things to do. After this, hopefully, I can get a demo out.

I’ve also started making my own things too, which is a start. I downloaded legally acquired Sibelius, so I’ve tried writing a few songs. Click here to listen to what I reckon is my favourite one. I’ve only really wrote a few, I’m waiting on some feedback on them to give me an idea of whether or not I should continue. Also, I tried my hand at making my own RTP portraits, because I’m still somewhat iffy on the default RTP that I’m using in Blood Shard. It’d be pretty cool if I could make my own graphics for the characters rather than relying on the pre-made RTP that comes with RMVX. Here’s my first ever ‘frankenportrait’, which I’m quite chuffed with. The lines are still a little crude around the clothing, and the eyebrows could do with a little touching up, but aside from that I reckon he went well. He probably won’t be a character in Blood Shard, because I can’t really see anyone he’ll fit with. But I’m still quite happy with him, I just need to get the hang of the lines and making them smoother. I’m a touchpad user, so making stuff like this is quite difficult, especially when you need to carefully outline something. I’ve just noticed his weird looking bumpy neck too. Shall try to fix that up as well. I reckon I might try my hand at spriting him too, seeing as that’s the only RMVX custom avenue I haven’t strolled down yet. And, in the end, the portrait doesn’t actually matter too much if I’m using him in Blood Shard, because at no point do I actually use full size portraits, only facesets. So if I fix up the face and add some emo sets then I might have my first custom RTP character! Oho, I am chuffed. So yes, that’s what I might try my hand at next. Wish me luck.

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The Music Of Videogames, Pt. 1

Apologies for the extremely long wait between posts. I’m sure the thousands of people were checking their RSS feeds constantly every Sunday for some update. I joke. Anyway, there are some reasons for me not really posting at all lately. The first is that I had an exam to study for, so I tried putting blogging on hold for a while. Of course, me being me, I done fuck all studying, so that’s not a valid excuse, but still. It was on my mind at least. I had a few essays and things to do as well, which took up a bit of brain time. The second is that I moved back home for Christmas just at the weekend, which was when I would have posted, but I was shattered, so nah. And, of course, I’ve just had no motivation for writing since Uni broke up for Christmas, which is something of a habit for me. I’ll try get out of it, promise. Actually, I’ll try writing at least two or three posts this week to make up for the absence. Don’t say I ain’t good to you!

Anyway, you might all be wondering what I’m posting about now. My first idea was to follow the trend that everyone else seems to be doing and go down the lines of a ‘2010 review’ post – but I’ll keep that until before New Year. The reason? Well, you never know, something absolutely awesome might just happen between now and then. I could be part of a train robbery. The Shins might play a surprise Scottish concert. I might become a super hero. These are things that could happen, and I’d be quite upset if I didn’t manage to post about them. Of course, there’s the edit button, but that’s not the point. Anyhow, this post I’m doing today came from me listening to my Game OSTs playlist on repeat for about four days straight. It kinda startled me, and this has happened to me a few times, just how amazing and atmospheric the majority of game music actually is. I mean, even if you go as far back as 8 bit chiptunes and the like – it’s quite extraordinary how good some of them are. Now, I promise I’m not gonna turn this into a Uematsu fanpost, because he’s not the only amazing composer of videogame music out there. There are tons more. Originally this was gonna be a list of Final Fantasy games and my favourite and most recommended songs from them, but I think now I’ll change the title and add some other games into the mix. Expect rambling and commas. Enjoy.

1. Final Fantasy VII

When it comes to me and videogame music, Final Fantasy VII is always the first game that comes to mind. Being the first FF game I ever played, it always holds some nostalgic value for me, which is probably one of the many reasons as to why I’m now on save number six on my newer memory card – and there were at least four on my older one. Final Fantasy VII, for me, is my favourite ever game – it mixes such a compelling storyline with great visuals for its time, excellent characters and a fantastic soundtrack. So, asking for a favourite song from this game is such a difficult choice for me to make, because there isn’t a single track on it that I don’t like. However, rather than listing a huge, detailed selection of tracks, I actually think I’m able to choose one that I absolutely adore – and it’s this one.

This song, for me, manages to beat every other FFVII song out there. Which is odd, because there isn’t a bad song on that OST, in my opinion anyway. Yet, this one eclipses them all. It’s just so pretty! It plays on the Gold Saucer date scene, where you end up on a date with either Aerith, Tifa or Barrett (lol), the date being decided on by a mixture of variables tied into character interactions. Most of the time I usually ended up with Aerith, which was nice on its own, I’ve been with Barrett once which was just odd, but as of late, I’ve ended up with Tifa on a number of occasions. For me, this song really brings out the romance between the characters of both Cloud & Tifa – because it is there. It wasn’t apparent to me the very first time I played it (I was unbelievably young at this point though), but the more you look into it, the more you can see it. The main reason I don’t agree much with the Cloud/Aerith relationship is that [spoiler alert] Cloud was living Zack’s life [/spoiler alert] – and it was Zack and Aerith who were together. I’m not gonna get into it much for fear of murder from Clerith fans, and I’ll get back to my point. This song encapsulates what I think is the romance of that entire game – and it’s just such a perfect little song, don’t you think?

2. Silent Hill 2

This is a newer game music entry for me, because I never really batted an eyelid at the OST before. However, Silent Hill 2 contains one of the most atmospheric and chilling soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Each song, even the really scary sounding ones, really sum up what’s going on, and brilliantly complement the setting. And the winner of this game comes to –

They really overkilled the song in the movie, playing it like every five minutes, but I’ve only ever heard it once in SH2. And, when you think of a horror game, a nice little piano number isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Silent Hill is one of the most metaphorical locations in a game, representing some kind of limbo between life and death, in which their own fears are manifested in the disfigured creatures and other weird stuff that goes on throughout the town. Of course, that’s just the psychological aspect of it, and I’m no psychologist, so what I just said may be a load of BS, but that’s what I like to believe. Promise really brings out the atmosphere surrounding the town – the thick fog, the characters, everything. It’s become somewhat stapled as Silent Hill’s theme ever since the movie, which for me is probably true. It’s always fun to walk around on a foggy day with this song on.

3. Final Fantasy XIII

What’s so difficult about choosing a favourite song from this game is that it is so different to other Final Fantasy games. FFXIII saw the complete departure of the ever brilliant Nobuo Uematsu, who’d become something of a master of the RPG soundtrack genre. The problem then, was the fact that now Masashi Hamauzu had a massive amount of pressure on him to create an OST that lived up to the heights of the previous installments. Now, Hamauzu isn’t a bad composer – take a look at the Sigma Harmonics OST and you’ll see why. But his style there doesn’t seem to mesh very well with the somewhat traditional soundtracks of the old FF games. However, for me, he delivers.

This little slice of fried gold seems to do the same thing for me that Promise does in Silent Hill – it perfectly encapsulates the setting and story. This is played when [spoiler alert] Vanille & Fang return to their hometown of Oerba, only to find everything destroyed and crystalline, and it somewhat overrun by Cie’th. [/spoiler alert] Graphically, Oerba is stunning. There’re little particles of crystal all over the place, snow on roofs and an amazing looking sky as the backdrop. And then there’s the sadness that comes with it, that this empty, desolate & beautiful place is the hometown of Fang and Vanille. And this song captures it so well. FFXIII made extensive use of repeating the same phrase of music in a lot of its songs, and, while not necessarily a bad thing, this song was a welcome break from this. Not only this, but the vocal track, something unheard of in previous OSTs, is perfectly fitting. What Hamauzu managed to do was strip down the traditional elements of a Final Fantasy OST and create something new, something unheard of. This is what I think the aim of FFXIII was as a whole, actually, and although many people disliked it, I think it worked perfectly. It is all about moving forward, after all.

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I Got Chills!

Hello all! I’m actually quite cheery today (I think I say this at the exact same time every year), because, I got to wear my big jacket and scarf without feeling too warm at all. Which can only mean one thing – it’s almost/is winter! This may sound odd, but winter is my favourite time of the year. And I’m aware it’s probably still classed as Autumn (actually, it’s November, so maybe not…), but hey, when I see grit on the roads and mince pies in the shops (more on that later) it’s Christmas Winter. And this may spell certain doom for everyone else, but it’s the best time of the year for a few reasons –

  1. It’s cold. When it’s cold you get to wear big warm clothes. And then you get cosy and warm. Note here that ‘warm’ is being used in its comfortable sense, not Florida warm, or Summer ‘it’s too hot’ warm, just nice and warm and cosy. And it’s awesome.
  2. You get to wear jackets. Yes, I know you can where a jacket any time of the year, but the majority of mine are all really heavy, so I get to wear them! AND I LOVE MY JACKETS ♥ I would give a human child up for a nice warm jacket. I really wish I didn’t say that. Mo-oving on.
  3. The Costa Christmas menu emerges. Now, I dunno if it’s here now, but Costa has the best Christmas coffee/hot chocolate menus. Note that I’m actually quite biased, having never been to a Starbucks during Christmas, but I’ll assume, due to the sheer loveliness of Costa’s mint hot chocolates that it’s just not the same. Yummy.
  4. It’s forty six days ’till Christmas. Need I say more?

Those four things aren’t the only reason I love Winter. I just think it’s such a nice season – Spring’s kinda boring (Easter aside), Summer’s just completely overhyped and people always complain about the heat even though it’s what they’ve all been waiting for! – and Autumn’s just dull and rainy. But Winter! Winter is cosy, tasty, and dark. Those three adjectives have possibly never been used to describe a season before.

On another note, do you guys ever listen to songs that remind you of this time in the past? Say a song comes on your iPod and it’s like, ‘oh wowza, this reminds me of last Winter!’ Well, I have a few, and you’re probably sick of hearing his name, but here’s one.

Ignoring the strange/cute/weird video with the girl with the big nose, this is one major song that just makes me think of the cold and Winter and all sorts of seasonal-related miscellany. And that’s not just because of the name! It’s weird, I’m pretty sure the first time I heard this song wasn’t even around this time, but it just reminds me of then. I thin I just relate it to the cold, ’cause I always recall walking around in the dark at like, 4PM, with this song on in the background. Reminds me of a lot of things. Lovely. I’m actually fair chuffed, because I managed to find the Elliott Smith album with that song in it in HMV the other week. I am happyhappy. There are a couple more, some that remind me of just Winter in general and one in particular that remind me of this exact week a few a few years back, which is a little strange. I dunno. I generally tend to walk about more in Winter than I do in any other season, so lots of music ends up getting played. But it’s mainly just Elliott Smith and Death Cab For Cutie. You do the math.

On a music related note, I actually started listening to a couple of blasts from the past again, namely H.I.M (they will never die) and Funeral For a Friend. I also totally forgot how awesome Biffy Clyro were (post-Puzzle completely and utterly aside), so Infinity Land & The Vertigo of Bliss have been getting played an awful lot. Another good band that you should all listen to are The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart –

I’d recommend that whole album actually, it’s all really good.

Anyway, since the last time I posted, nothing really new – other than the fact that I’m now nineteen, which isn’t exactly an exciting age, but at least I don’t feel like as much as a baby as I used to in the flat – considering I’m the youngest there. And the only Scottish one. Got some lovely presents though, finally got Legend of Dragoon – and New Vegas, which is taking up a lot of my ‘not doing essays time’, which is most of the time. And Lucy got me an absolutely massive stack of B-Movies, which should be a fantastic night in the making.

I’m gonna head offski now, but I leave you with this, frankly awesome, and also quite thought-provoking song 🙂


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