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Dark Souls & Skyrim: A Comparison

By browsing through various game of the year polls on the internet and casually unsubscribing from a huge influx of rabid social networking outbursts of Bethesda-worshipping crazies, it is clear that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most … Continue reading

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Resident Upheavel

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Gamer’s Block

Okidokes, so I have just finished my first playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII. Some quick stats, from what I remember, I think I clocked around 40-50 hours plus on gametime, and this was only after finishing about a quarter of … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII – A Pre-Review

The reason this is a pre-review is because, one, it’s out, I own it, so it’s not a preview. It’s also not a review ’cause I’m only three hours into the game, so what this is, is just a review … Continue reading

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