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I'm 20, I like RPG making, writing, Final Fantasy, and music. And Oscar Wilde.

Lost In Colour

It’s just over the edge of midnight on January 18th, which means it has been almost three days since I left Oklahoma. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that it was the greatest experience of my life. … Continue reading

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Dark Souls & Skyrim: A Comparison

By browsing through various game of the year polls on the internet and casually unsubscribing from a huge influx of rabid social networking outbursts of Bethesda-worshipping crazies, it is clear that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most … Continue reading

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Re-Introductions May Be Necessary

Hi, I’m Mark McKeich and I’m terrible at blogging. While not completely true, I have taken a massive break between posting and managed to miss two seasons, which is something quite spectacular. It’s been exactly four (five? I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Being epileptic, and consequently having ‘memory blanks’ because of this is one of the most revitalising feelings I could possibly ever have. I realise this is quite a strange, and pretty odd thing to put across but bear with me. I’ve … Continue reading

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Farewell 241!

So that’s second year finished as of the start of this week. Handed in my last two essays on Monday, and have been since in a somewhat party-tastic mood. And woohoo, I’m going to Spain on Thursday for a week! … Continue reading

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Blood Shard: Demo One

Hurrah! The first demo for Blood Shard is finally here! Here’s the link to the demo. It’s in a zipped archive so you’ll need a program like WinZip or something to access it. It’s around 160MB as well if anyone’s wondering. … Continue reading

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Love On A Bus

Mmkay, well, believe it or not, and I know I say this on a bi-monthly basis, I’m getting quite a lot of inspiration to write more recently. And it’s not just on this blog either – for the first time … Continue reading

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