Re-Introductions May Be Necessary

Hi, I’m Mark McKeich and I’m terrible at blogging. While not completely true, I have taken a massive break between posting and managed to miss two seasons, which is something quite spectacular. It’s been exactly four (five? I don’t know what counting is) months since my last post, and, I would like to share this with you all – I am gloriously happy.

Have you ever sat down and realised, ‘huh, my life seems to have taken a rather nice turn recently’? I have – and it came as something of an epiphany when I was happily waiting on some ravioli to microwave. And it resulted in skipping down my (new) flat’s hallway, and an unwarranted and sudden euphoric burst of wonder. Somewhat frightening and sporadic at first, and I’ll admit, completely sudden (the past month has been full of such spectacular incidents) – twas a warm and sugary feeling, which the pretty much horrific tasting microwavable ravioli did nothing to qualm. I, Mark McKeich, if you’ll pardon the reference, am exactly where I want to be. And it’s nothing short of lovely.

So, four months have passed. My summer was something of a colourful haze – I’ve never had so much fun doing literally nothing for three whole months. I spent the majority of my time with ‘The Wolfpack’, kicking back, relaxing, jamming – basically the exact opposite of what I said I would do (which was, ‘MARK GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET A JOB. I did look. Promise.). Over the summer I got far closer to my friends, made one or two new ones, and just had a blast, to be perfectly honest. Sure, there was the odd flutter of drama, there was crushing, there were quiet days of nothing – but all in all it was fantastic. Should probably have told you all about it sooner, but I’ve been so not busy it’s been difficult to fit blogging into my schedule.

And here I am now, on the way to winter, at the end of my fifth semester – which, by the way, has been all kinds of interesting. It’s been difficult and stressful, but I can actually (and finally) say with confidence that I’m really learning new things. I’ve been coming out of classes actually feeling somewhat fulfilled, which is surprising when you look at my supreme last minute reading and general lecture evasion, but hey, WE ALL LEARN DIFFERENTLY. Ahem. Seriously though, it’s been difficult, but the slog through will be worth it. It’s like playing Dark Souls, minus the whole being undead and getting constantly destroyed by monsters thing. It’s felt like that a few times though.

So here I am. Tailing off the cusp of winter. And I’m happy. It might be that I’m always happy during winter. It might be that I can wear a jacket and a scarf and be warm and jolly. It might be that it’s Christmas in a few weeks. It might be that my band are really starting to get somewhere, and I’ve made a fantastic new set of friends this semester (and wholly solidified relationships with the others too). It might be (and probably completely is) that I’ve met somebody absolutely fantastic who sets off fireworks everywhere whenever I speak to/look at/think of her. Adding to that, it might be that I’m seeing her after Christmas all the way over in Oklahoma, which’ll be a fantastic start of the year. ‘Might be’ is probably the wrong phrase to use in that sentence. In fact that’s probably the biggest understatement I’ve ever written in my life. It’s more along the lines of ‘IT IS ALMOST CERTAINLY THE FACT THAT I’M MEETING HER SOON’. Lovely. I’m writing again too. Things are lovely, and it’s making my sentences unstructured and crazy.

I’m right where I want to be, being perfectly honest.


About Mark

I'm 20, I like RPG making, writing, Final Fantasy, and music. And Oscar Wilde.
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