Blood Shard: Demo One

Hurrah! The first demo for Blood Shard is finally here!

Here’s the link to the demo. It’s in a zipped archive so you’ll need a program like WinZip or something to access it. It’s around 160MB as well if anyone’s wondering. Few important points below –

1. YOU NEED RPG MAKER VX’S RTP TO PLAY THIS GAME. If you already have the maker itself you’re fine. If not, here is a link to the RTP. Now I’ve never done this before, so I assume you download the RTP file first then install it, then play the game. If that doesn’t work then uh, sorry. The trial RMVX might be able to play it, y’never know.

2. YOU NEED TO INSTALL THE FONT FILES INCLUDED IN THE ARCHIVE. This might not be an issue for everyone, as the fonts included are already pre-installed on most machines. Even if you think you have them install them anyway. If you’ve got them already, awesome, if not, get installing. The ‘GARA’ font is particularly important as all the scenes in the game use it.

That’s about it…? Yeah. Welp, since sharing on there’ve been a few issues pointed out already, but any comments/criticisms/admirations/lawsuits can be filed here.

I hope you enjoy it!


About Mark

I'm 20, I like RPG making, writing, Final Fantasy, and music. And Oscar Wilde.
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