Love On A Bus

Mmkay, well, believe it or not, and I know I say this on a bi-monthly basis, I’m getting quite a lot of inspiration to write more recently. And it’s not just on this blog either – for the first time since forever, I’m actually quite willing to continue with the as of yet untitled Vanilla Sky-esque mindfuck story that I started working on all those millenia ago. Which is good, because I did fair enjoy that and it was a lot of fun writing something that didn’t use the words ‘Zack Faust’ or ‘Necromancer’. Speaking of Black Sky (been a while since I posted those dreaded words), I had a read over like, every¬†version of it that had ever been written before. And man it was strange!

It was weird because, although the story itself was a graceful flop (more on that later), through rewrite and rewrite the characters just changed so much. Take Zack, for example, the lead character. On the very first version of the story he was this confident, cocky and powerful soldier – a soldier that was on the side of the ‘bad guys’ at the beginning. Then, by the time I got to rewrite #5643, he was this reclusive, subtly alcoholic and somewhat weak thief, on the very much losing side of a civil war in Radiance City. It was just strange seeing that, more so that I’d already thought I would never see those old versions again – luckily they were backed up on a pen drive from years and years ago. And I mean, the character of Amos, Zack’s ‘best friend’ was completely non-existent to begin with. I don’t mean to big myself up or anything, but it was nice reading rewrite after rewrite to see how far my writing had matured.

It’s a shame really that the story was such a flop, but to be perfectly honest it was totally destined to be. I mean, take Blood Shard as an example. The story to that was carefully (well, to a certain extent, there’re still plot holes needing filled) planned, far in advance to actually starting the game. With Black Sky, most of you who went to high school with me will know that that was certainly not the case, and after I read every version of it, it was apparent that that was the reason for its failure. I think it’s something that I’d like to try again, maybe after Blood Shard and untitled writing thing are well underway. I reckon if I actually hammered out a story then it’d be nice to go back to. I think. Haha.

Hrm, that was a bit of a tangent. Yeah. So this week pretty much marks the end of second year (got like a class or two next week still and some essays due for the 16th), and it’s really kinda weirding me out a bit. It’s just went so fast! And I don’t mean just second year either, I mean that with first year included too. It’s strange because when I think about it, the first four years of high school seemed to take, well, years to pass. But these first two years of university seem to have been over in months (well, that’s probably because we’re only technically there for a few months a semester, haha). And now that I’ve picked my modules for all of third year, it actually seems like it’s somewhat close to finishing. So my target for this Summer, and the next (and indeed the Winter) is to literally have as much fun and do as much stuff as I possibly can. I might not have a load of money to do lots, but I still just want to make every day like, mean something. That way I can look back and be like ‘maaaaan that was awesome!’. And the same goes for the remaining two years of university. Michael & I are getting a flat/house, and whether it’s in Stirling or ye olde Larbert won’t make a difference – I’m still gonna fun up to the max. Feels like I don’t have a load of time left, especially considering how fast these two years have went by.

Man, I gotta stop leaving badly-packed moral messages in ambiguously titled blog posts. It’ll be the death of me.


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I'm 20, I like RPG making, writing, Final Fantasy, and music. And Oscar Wilde.
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